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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "If I Don't Like You" - Lily Williams

Lily Williams’ latest single “If I Don’t Like You” is a heartfelt rendition of a character heard and felt many times over, a hopeless romantic.  Hopelessness here, though, comes through not in persistent optimism for the relationship, but in the fact that she is hopeless without romance.  Despite being told from such a classical perspective, the song actually takes on rather modern issues.  She touches on confusion and hurt at the current state of dating, wondering on commitment and how much is too much.  The most prevalent theme of the piece, though, is a lack of identity outside of a relationship.  What is your identity when your most identifiable trait is how you love others?

Despite its powerful lyricism, the tone of the instrumentals is independently calm.  Williams’ choice here allows for a sense of acceptance and an implied positive outlook on her shattering confessions.  It’s indie and acoustic, a campfire piece that allows the story to be told as such.  Lily’s voice perfectly suits this genre, effortlessly delicate, with a sensitive touch in each hard hitting line that makes every word feel, even if only slightly, more powerful.  For most of her lyrics, she falls into them and has a flow to her words that adds to the serenity of the song, but when she pauses, giving the sentence space to breathe- these are the lines to listen to, the words that create a shattering silence in the instrumentals as well as the mind of the listener.  

Lily Williams is an experienced singer and songwriter, creating music for over a decade across continents.  The artist got her start in London, where she was raised, but quickly branched out traveling between her home city and Norway before eventually moving to L.A. where she’s now based.  Her commute is far from the only example of Lily’s work ethic though, she’s a Berklee graduate as well as a common collaborator with major artists.  She’s been mentored by Emily Warren, Fred Ball, and Sarah Hudson and worked with Euan Allison.  The piece created with Allison, “Lego Bricks” is one that’s maintained popularity since its release, gaining over 4 million streams on Spotify to date.  Stream this, “If I Don’t Like You”, and her other work below.

Written By Hailey Schap


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