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Review: "If I Knew How to Breathe" - Adeline V. Lopez

Heartbreak, It's an unpleasant, inescapable sensation that every human will go through at least once in their lifetime. Especially if your spouse was never there for you during your relationship, it can be the worst feeling. "If I Knew How to Breathe," the latest song from Adeline V. Lopez's EP "Feel Too Much," addresses her emotions and experience head-on. This heartbreaking tune is a combination of pop and folk that characterizes her special brand of pop called Heartbreak Pop. Any listener will feel calm because of Adeline's gentle, calming voice. Her singing voice blends seamlessly with the piano, guitar, and drums in the instrumental mix. The song's build-up at the conclusion adds some urgency in contrast to the softly spoken vocals. The verses to the song, "You only love me when I'm broken all the time," describe how her lover only showed her the kind of love and care she gave in the connection—he only did it when he felt like it was warranted. This is one song that is highly recommended to make listeners shed a tear.

The words and instrumentals for "If I knew how to Breathe" have unquestionably been created with a great deal of thought, attention, and work. The incorporation of overdubbing blends beautifully with the soft-spoken vocals. The guitar provides the framework of the song with the piano's mellow high notes. Even though there are only a few instruments, the vocals are excellent and carry the song along perfectly. The music is brought to a crescendo near the conclusion when the bass drum is introduced, and the softly spoken lines that close the song bring it all together. The instrumentals, although not rough and intense, nicely complement the lyrics, which are full of unfiltered emotions.

An up-and-coming musician from New York City is known as Adeline V. Lopez. Her music is "heartbreak pop," a blend of pop and folk with inspiration from both established artists like Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams and up-and-coming artists like Joan Jett and Billy Joel. Adeline penned the songs in Feel Too Much after the Lockdown.” I'm really proud of this EP, says Adeline. Each of these songs helped me get through a different situation, and completing them was a journey to a better place. I'm very eager to present the music and perform it live with the band at Groove”. The explosive blend of Adeline's music guarantees that everyone who hears it will find something they love.

Written By ShatteredSoul



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