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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "If Only You'd Love Yourself" - Dustin Paul

Have you felt alone in the world and think that no one understands you? I know I definitely have. I constantly try to remind myself that I’m not alone, but I have those days when I do. “If Only You’d Love Yourself” by Dustin Paul has a beautiful, constant reminder to love and care for yourself. If you don’t love yourself first, who will? How can you be able to love someone else before loving your own body, mind, and soul? This song holds a powerful message for self-love and not giving up. It’s hard to do that sometimes, but that’s why Paul made this song for those who struggle with that.

The song starts off with beautiful and gentle piano music until the twelfth second mark before the first lyrics come in, “Life is simple / That’s what they say;” It was a great start to the song because of how true it is. The lyrics in the beginning already told us this song was going to be emotional and raw. The lyrics hold true meaning and are relatable to a lot of people. The song title, “If Only You’d Love Yourself” is constantly sang after the first and second verse which flows perfectly after the powerful and motivational lyrics of self-love and self-improvement. The last clear lyrics “Won’t you love yourself” before the echoed ad libs and “yeah” was the perfect touch to end it. It’s uplifting and inspiring for the listeners like myself to feel motivation through the song.

From singing in studios and live audiences since the age of 14 and prior from being a solo artist, Dustin Paul used to be the front man of a band that attracted a lot of views. He began writing and collaborating with other artists as a soloist. Paul, Diego Miranda, and the Le Twin’s collaborative song “Believe in Love” that came out in 2019 reached over a million streams on YouTube after a week of release. His song with Michael Teixeira called, “I Keep Coming” charted top 10 on iTunes and Spotify and won an International Portuguese Music Award. Since then, Paul has won many awards with other artists. Now, he is about to release solo EPs and collaborate with other DJ artists.

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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