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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “if you only knew” - Alexander Stewart

There’s one thing I love about music, and that is how it allows the artist to bare their emotions to their audience in a raw and genuine way. In Alexander Stewart’s newest song, he explores just that. “if you only knew” is the titular song off his new EP, and goes into his struggles with relationships and his mental health. It is a painfully beautiful song with lyrics that tugged at my heartstrings in just the right way. If his voice wasn’t the best part of the song, the lyrics definitely were. Stewart has a unique way with his words, and managed to create lyrics that many could likely connect with, resulting in a song that shook up the emotions of every listener. “If you only knew / What my mind is tellin' me I should do / That I'm drunk and all alone in my room here tonight / I'm too sad to cry, it's true, oh / If you only knew.”

Like I said before, this song is gorgeous to listen to. Aside from the lyrics, Stewart’s voice is one that has got to be recognized. He manages to switch from using a soft head voice to belting effortlessly. You can even hear a soft rasp in his voice as he sings the lyric “Take me out of this hell.” I also want to give props to the backing instrumentals and vocals. The sound of the piano pairs beautifully with the quiet violin. And you can even hear some angelic “oo’s” in the back. It’s so simple, yet perfect.

Alexander Stewart is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. He was born in Canada, but moved to LA to pursue a career in music. Since starting his career, Stewart has amassed millions of followers across his various social media accounts. He also gets around 6 million monthly streams on Spotify! His new EP, if you only knew, is bound to be a huge success. He recently made an appearance as a musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and has even toured with Charlie Puth for his Blame’s On Me tour. Alexander Stewart is bound to be a household name for his emotional and relative music. I can’t wait to give the rest of his EP a listen.

Written By Isabel Mays



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