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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "In Between" - SOZI

Love is not something that’s meant to be simple; with that, there’s a guarantee that it will not be easy. The relationship will be far from absolutely perfect in an indisputable way, but it will also be far from imperfect to you. Thus, this ideal love will exist in the in-between. SOZI’s new single titled “In Between” details this sweet spot perfectly, incorporating instrumentals to draw out the exact feelings of the in-between. SOZI utilizes the layering and addition of sound, beat, and tempo leading up to an explosive chorus to show us what it feels like to be in one of these relationships, and how amazing it is when you experience it for yourself.

SOZI’s soft voice brings us into the song's first verse, where she sings about all that she wants with the person she loves. A lot of echoey instrumentals are introduced into the background of her single as the first verse continues, which is to illustrate the buildup of feelings in this “in-between” spot in a relationship. The chorus incorporates these same sounds at an even higher intensity; something you would hear in a movie or a club. With this, we as the listeners get a sense of the euphoric feeling this relationship causes, which is what makes it so addicting. And just like this relationship, the way SOZI’s voice and the instrumentals work together in this song will make you want to listen to it again, and again, and again.

After entering the Los Angeles music scene, SOZI is making a big name for herself. Growing up surrounded by music in her family, it was inevitable that she developed a strong love for singing, dancing, and entertaining a crowd. SOZI has been classically training in the piano since she was seven years old and started writing songs just three years later at age ten. She stands out among the other budding musical talents already, with her debut single “Drinking For Two” released on December 20th already amassing over 20,000 streams on Spotify. She has performed on the sages of the Viper Room, Hotel Cafe, Bar 20, and many more respected establishments. We are excited to see where SOZI’s career takes her!

Written By Molly Schiff



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