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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "In Love With Me" - Camilla North

Self-confidence is important. It is unfortunate that it gets damaged too often. We let other people’s opinions cloud our judgement and affect what we think about ourselves. We also hurt our self-esteem when we compare ourselves to the Barbie Doll thin beauty standards in the media. While it is normal for self confidence to drop, we need to build it back up! Camilla North is doing this as she sings her song, “In Love with Me.”

When I initially saw the title, I thought “In Love with Me” was going to be a song about a romantic relationship. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was wrong, and it is actually about loving yourself. I liked the build up of the song. The music is slow on the verses and speeds up on the chorus as Camilla sings powerful lyrics such as “no more waking up in tears, I’m ready to face my fears.” The electronic sound of the song makes it highly danceable. It is very fitting too because one way to build up your confidence is to dance like nobody’s watching! This song is the perfect soundtrack for that!

Camilla North is a singer/songwriter from Norway. If you want more songs for your self-confidence playlist, you should check out her other song, “Still Alive.” She sings about driving down a road and leaving the past in her rearview mirror. This song may seem less upbeat than “In Love with Me.” However, the chorus packs a punch with an upbeat bass line, perfect for Friday nights at the club!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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