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  • George McSherry

Review: "In My Car" - Ella Ruby

This soothing piece from Ella Ruby's debut EP pulls the lock mechanism on the passenger door and intimately ushers you in to find a warm, curated comfort, providing shelter from the percussive October showers that tap on the steamed windows and silver chassis. That vanilla-tinged aroma of old books nestles amongst the tussled blankets that caress the mattress atop the hand-fashioned, pine support frame. Pieced together to rival the intimacy of the forts of pillows and sheets from your childhood, the soundscape of In My Car begs for the crackle of a thick-wicked candle and just might be worth the fire hazard.

Listen to "In My Car" Here

The initial stripped-back production brings you close to each pluck of Ella's six-string that lifts the soft, indie vocals while the instrumental bolsters depth. The languid trip through the Pacific Northwest sews in bass, strings, and percussion as sunbeams break pillars of rain to expose a diverse, shifting landscape along the highway, before arriving at a vista fit for postcards. The track features poignant lyricism that pacifies, tilling the fertile soil before planting seeds to unsettle, making ominous use of negative space to form that lump in your throat - "in my car my body is mine, but, as it turns out, not all of the time".

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Ella Ruby provides warm, cinematic imagery of the Northwest United States through indie/folk melodies that present themselves much like 35mm film. Featuring production that grounds you like walking barefoot through the morning dew, Ella's work avoids pandering with a raw lyricism that stirs, balancing the settling comfort provided by the rich, fine-tuned instrumentation. For more of her ethereal sound, inspired by the likes of Brandi Carlile and Billie Marten, follow the links to find her new EP, "Baby Blue".

Written By George McSherry



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