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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "In My Head" - NewDad

NewDad is back with their latest single, "In My Head." The track is the first we've heard from the band since the release of their single, "ILY2," in September 2022. It's a fiery, unforgettable reminder of NewDad's fresh, unique sound. "In My Head" addresses feelings of inner turmoil and struggling with anxiety as the lead singer, Julie Dawson, delivers the lyrics, “I'm buried under blankets / Descending into madness / And there's no escape from the thoughts burned in my brain." Keeping things real and honest, "In My Head" also dives into the feelings that surround emotionally unavailable relationships and being isolated.

"In My Head" is full of ethereal energy, being driven by grungy guitars and Julie's otherworldly, mysterious vocals. Julie carries a light, mellifluous melody, floating over a kaleidoscope of reverb and distorted guitar licks. Though the lyrics feel heavy in certain places, the music for "In My Head" remains lighthearted and airy, showcasing the brighter sound NewDad is moving toward. The band often attributes their sound to their influences, The Cure and Pixies, forming a style that will resonate with either of those fanbases. "In My Head" in particular also sounds reminiscent to Cults and their song, "Most Wanted."

Leaving much to chance, indie four-piece, NewDad, gained their unusual (but nevertheless fun) moniker from a random name generator. The Galway-formed band made their unforgettable debut with their EP, Waves, featuring a dark and stormy sound intertwined with beautiful moments. Giving a subtlety and authenticity to their sound, Julie's songwriting effortlessly weaves together inspirations from personal relationships and references to literature and cinema. As NewDad moves in a new direction, their music is becoming brighter and infuses elements of pop into their indie rock sound. If you're an indie pop/rock enthusiast, be sure to check out NewDad and "In My Head" immediately.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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