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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Indigo" - Vanda

"Indigo" is the newest single from singer-songwriter Vanda, and is the first preview listeners have of her upcoming debut album titled, "Sober in Another Life". "Indigo" is a remarkable single that sounds like the sweet spot between dream-pop and indie. The perfect combination of the two genres makes "Indigo" a refreshing and enjoyable listen. The song's feeling of wonder perfectly captures the content Vanda sings about in her lyrics on "Indigo". Her clever lyrics captures the story of navigating a new long-distance relationship and all the discovery that comes with it.

"Indigo" is the perfect dream pop song, that has a level of escapism that is hard to resist. The song sounds like warm summer air, and the part of the day before the sun has almost set. Sonically, the song is consistent in that it keeps a relaxing tone, all while complementing the story being told by Vanda. Vanda's voice is remarkable all throughout the song, and is seamless alongside the instrumental track. Vanda proves through "indigo" her ability and talent for not only singing, but in instrumentation and producing.

Vanda is a singer-songwriter with singles she released dating back to 2019. In each of her singles thus far, Vanda has brought her authenticity to her songs. In using her authenticity Vanda has perfectly captured her unique sound and voice. One of the most captivating things about Vanda as an artist is her soft and tender vocals that create a dreamy and relaxing soundscape for listeners to fall into when listening to her music. Even more so, her voice is a powerful agent throughout her catalogue that propels the stories forward she aims to tell through her songs.

Written By Alison Holst



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