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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Ink" - Alice Pisano

Dating on its own is bound to produce a slew of uneasy feelings that are challenging to handle, despite how calm and cool we portray ourselves. Introverts are prone to experiencing additional anxieties surrounding their relationships that can be difficult to manage and express to a partner. "Ink" by Alice Pisano describes the pulling emotions of the intensity of love for those who remain wallflowers. Honest and relatable, her lyrics portray authentic sentiments of craving and turbulence that the brain bounces between when you're falling for someone.

"Ink" begins with a slow-paced intro describing the artists insecurities through her lyrics. Though just as quickly as it begins, the song transitions to an upbeat, feel-good anthem surrounding budding feelings in a new relationship. Alice Pisano's unique vocals and wavering emotions are complimented against a blend of the sound of synths and the oscillating percussions. Lyrics such as "I like the way you ink my heart," charms listeners and reinforces the jaunty impression made by the artist.

Alice Pisano is an Italian-born, London-living independent singer-songwriter whose career has become quite impressive in a short time. Her first EP "Celebrate Life" was released in 2019 and received an outpour of support from Spotify, national radios, and numerous online editorial music sites. She has since released several singles which have gone on to be featured on television as well as multiple Spotify-made playlists and charted on Apple Music. In 2022 she also performed at The Great Escape Festival and was announced as one of the First Fifty artists. Writing from personal experience, you can feel the genuine emotion she puts into her craft.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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