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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Insecurity" - Marcia

Marcia's new single, "Insecurity" allowed her to let her guard down and really leave everything out on the dance floor. Sharing her own experience with a guy, she hopes to inspire others to have their own thoughts and opinions in a relationship. "Come and get your insecurities. Take them away from me. I don't need your negativity to keep draining me. I want to love being in love". These lines can show Marcia's strength by showing what she wants in a relationship and how she wants to truly enjoy herself and be in a positive and uplifting relationship. Through this song, she is able to talk through toxicity while learning more about herself and what she wants in a relationship.

Marcia started this song with a really unique pop beat, and this is able to follow through the entire song. Greeting has a groovy and glamorous sound that captures you from the start, and she is able to create a captivating and ethereal flow during the duration of this song. The R&B sound of this track allows you to forget yourself for a moment and just feel the music move through you. She has created something that is more than herself, her voice intertwines within the beat. It becomes an entire world within Marcia's song, with each line building upon the one before.

As a rising Pop and R&B artist from the UK, Marcia is just beginning her musical journey. Coming from a small town in Scotland and moving to London for the music scene, Marcia's career has grown! After finding her passion in R&B, she has also made it a point to empower people with her songwriting. By layering her words with her rich voice, she has created a truly unique sound. Go stream "Insecurity" now, and fall into Marcias musical world. Also, don't forget to follow Marcia below, and keep on the lookout for what she will release next!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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