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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Insomnia" - Jack Vallier

We all have trouble sleeping sometimes; it’s one of the most frustrating things. You’re stuck there lying in bed, looking around in your room in the middle of the cold, dark night unable to fall asleep. Having a person by your side, specifically a lover to sleep next to you is an ideal situation. That shift can be difficult when they’re no longer there, especially if you were used to it. Jack Vallier’s single, “Insomnia” talks about the struggles of sleeping after a breakup and learning to accept it. Thinking back to when you used to have that significant other by your side and being able to fall asleep in their arms makes you envy your past self. But now, it’s only a memory.

Jack Vallier’s “Insomnia” has a soft, melodic soundscape accompanied by his gentle and beautiful vocals. The passion in his tone creates an impact for the listener to feel his soul with his meaningful lyrics. The emotional lines, “I was in love with her / Now I got insomnia,” are captured perfectly to emphasize that feeling of loss and loneliness. His singing is filled with raw emotion that emphasizes his message to the listener. It helps us understand the importance of Jack's words. The tempo picks up in the second chorus along with Jack’s voice increasing in notes to assist the meaning of the track; this change highlights the suffering of having insomnia and longing of the other person. The instrumental towards the outro is slightly upbeat mixed with a dreamy ambience to showcase the end of the song and the drift off to bed.

Jack Vallier is singer/songwriter from Bournemouth who now lives in London. He has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify with his first few EPs. His track, “Rebekah” has been featured on BBC Radio 1 as Tune of the Week. He then went on tour supporting Dermot Kennedy across the UK and Europe performing over 40 shows. Jack’s song “Insomnia” was his exciting return after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. After the release, he will present a bi-monthly songwriting showcase night, “Show The Credits” which starts on April 4th at The Camden Club; FJ Law, Sfven, Sody and Lauren Aquilina will join him in the show. Make sure to check Jack Vallier out!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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