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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Intentions" - Thomas Goforth

Those moments when you and another person are instantly attracted to one another are rare, especially when it feels like this could be it, this could be your person. But does this person have the same intentions in mind? Thomas Goforth’s latest single “Intentions” is a smooth, yet catchy track about having that instant connection and wondering if they want more. It’s an enticing song that will make listeners curious about who Thomas Goforth is and what he brings to the table. The song is a great combination of pop music with country vocals, as well as captivating lyricism. Thomas Goforth delivers a splendid vocal performance that feels nostalgic for early 2000s music, as well as still keeping his sound fresh.

The song starts off with a single guitar that creates a nice introduction. The palm muting mixed in the strumming pattern creates an addictive rhythm that keeps listeners' attention. Goforth’s vocals come in strong, creating a nice transition from the introduction to the verse. The lyrics create nice visuals of how powerful a simple look can be, and what messages eyes can carry. The use of snaps in the pre-chorus adds to the charisma of the song and is an example of how simplicity is effective. The chorus of the track is reminiscent of the late 90s or early 2000s, and that only adds more charm to the song. This is especially portrayed by Goforth’s vocal performance during this section. The repetition as well works nicely and doesn’t overcomplicate the chorus to the point where it ruins the entire song. There’s a nice contrast between the first and second verse, with the addition of a beat that helps build up the song from where it started. As the song progresses the complexity of the relationship between the two people in the song grows, leaving the speaker confused as to what the person they sing to wants from them. The song ends in a similar way in which is started, creating a smooth full circle that leaves the song ready to be listened to on a loop. Thomas Goforth’s “Intentions” surely keeps its audience entertained and is ready to be added to your next playlist.

Thomas Goforth is a country artist from Barnhart, Missouri who had a passion for music since he was a young kid. He began to make original songs at 15, and since then has been able to grow as an artist and perfect his craft. His audience has been growing since then, but Goforth especially grew in popularity when his other song “I Wish I Liked Bourbon” became popular on TikTok. Thomas Goforth brings a new and fresh sound to country music as he continues to work on his art and create unique art that makes him stand out amongst the others. His sound will certainly captivate you and keep you intrigued and wanting more. Be ahead of the game and check out Thomas Goforth’s “Intentions” now.

Written By Chantal Charles


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