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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Internet” - Kayls

I have oftentimes been told by people in my life that I live “chronically online.” I had no idea what this meant for a long time, but after some friends opened my eyes, I realized the hard truth. The internet had taken over my life in a way that wasn’t healthy anymore. Kayls’ new song, “Internet,” perfectly encapsulates all of the thoughts and feelings I held regarding my life online. With stunning vocals and lyrics that made me rethink a lot of things, Kayls has managed to create a song that is not only relatable, but honest. “I need to get off of the internet, I’m losing days to my depression,” is quite possibly one of the hardest-hitting lyrics in the whole song. It perfectly reflected what both myself and other people in my life have experienced. “Internet” is a raw and beautiful ballad that tells the stories of people who lose themselves within the addictive side of the internet.

Genuinely, I am obsessed with this song. Kayls somehow managed to make a song sound both haunting and addictive. If the message behind the song alone didn’t break you, then Kayls' vocals probably did. She has an almost ethereal sound in her tone, and every word she spoke I found myself getting drawn in deeper and deeper. And the instrumentals that play behind her give a necessary depth, really making the song sound more haunting than before. This feeling is only elevated when you begin to hear the echoes. Not echoes in her voice, but in the music. It is absolutely stunning, and I can’t help but hit replay once the song ends to keep the music going!

Kayls, or Kayla Stewart, is a singer that you might possibly recognize! She is coming back following a three-year hiatus with her upcoming EP, Jasmine, which will feature both “Internet” and her other newly released single, “On the Rocks.” She has two previously released songs, so she is still sort of new to the music scene. However, you wouldn’t even be able to tell based on her talents. It was an absolute joy to get to experience this song. I felt things that, frankly, I haven’t really felt for a song in a long time. As she took a break from music to find her voice on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, the product we were left with will only further help to boost Kayls’ career forward. She has big things coming for her, and I am so excited to see where she goes in the industry.

Written By Isabel Mays



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