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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "Invisible Wars" - Luna Keller

"Invisible Wars" by Luna Keller is a poetic folk ballad about bottling up one's emotions in the midst of declining mental health. The song is grand, dynamic, and chilling, mirroring the deep sorrows the lyricism emotes. When talking about the process of crafting the track, Keller opens up about her own personal journey with depression, saying, "You keep hoding on and tell yourself you can be strong for everyone when in truth you need help and support." The title is a brilliant play on this concept. We fight our internal mental "wars" while putting on a brave face for everyone else. For those who have similarly struggled with depression, this sentiment is all too familiar. Keller's history and passion for the subject matter bring a level of authenticity and relatability that makes "Invisible Wars" come to life.

Melodically, "Invisible Wars" is luscious. The verses pair the simple folk-inspired acoustic guitar with Keller's stunning vocals, slowly building up to the chorus. Then, once that refrain hits, the song skyrockets; harmonic belting and beautiful violin-sounding strings usher in a dramatic, powerful fashion. With how epic it sounds, the song could easily fit on a movie soundtrack for a franchise like The Lord of the Rings or The Hunger Games. And yet, with how impressive "Invisible Wars" is sonically, Keller keeps the listeners focused on the primary subject matter with her thoughtful and poignant lyrics. Lines like "I play with thoughts like swords and knives," are such a succinct and creative way of describing the mental anguish of depression. Luna Keller accomplishes an extraordinary feat with "Invisble Wars," creating a gorgeous but important song. Listeners who have depression can listen to Keller's words and feel less alone in the invisible wars they may be fighting themselves.

Luna Keller is a German indie singer-songwriter. The up-and-coming musician has released official singles since 2017 and has seen great success thus far in her career. She was a finalist in the Hollywood Songwriter contest and currently amassed over 700,000 streams and 38,000 followers on Spotify. Her sound is a mix of indie, pop, and folk, focusing on lyricism akin to artists like Stevie Nicks or Phoebe Bridgers. "Invisible Wars" is just chapter two of Luna Keller's newest album rollout. For her upcoming "Ocean Inside of Me" LP, the singer will release a new single or "chapter" every month. It is an exciting project, and I cannot wait to see what Keller releases next. "Invisible Wars," alongside Luna Keller's discography, is now available on all streaming services.

Written By Lauren Nolan


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