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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Islands" - modernlove.

Do you feel like it takes more effort than usual to reach out to others recently? Especially if you’re in your 20s, communication lines can snap as quickly as you can fire a bullet. It's a prime catalyst for loneliness, and who knows for how long? In modernlove.’s new song ‘Islands’, they illustrate relationships coming apart like islands separated by oceans, making them harder to maintain over time. They also explore how people tend to cope with loneliness, oftentimes downplaying their own emotions with distractions. At some point, you have to grin and bear it and say “‘I can’t be like this...I can’t take it.” This song helps you to console yourself and realize that not every relationship is meant to last.

The pacing of the lyrics plays a key role in this song’s catchiness. Lo-fi-esque verses represent the best times in a relationship that you just want to live in. Then, modernlove. comes in with a rapid-fire chorus, where there’s a desperate attempt to try and save a relationship that’s quickly dissolving. On top of that, there’s an incredible counterplay between hard-hitting emotions and a snazzy electric guitar-rooted groove. It works like magic to keep you coming back for more. In a way, modernlove. encourages you to cherish the positive memories of a relationship, even after it fades away.

Four-piece Irish band modernlove., made up of Barry, Cian, Barry and Graham of Drogheda, bring a glossy ‘90s ambiance to indie pop. As their name implies, they explore the complex lives of twenty-somethings in their music. They’ve received strong support from BBC radio, Spotify and Apple Music for their debut EP ‘monochrome blue’. Their vibrant new single ‘Islands’ comes off their upcoming 7-track EP ‘Oh My Mind’. Expect great things from this band as their iconic sound and relatable themes continue to empathize with young adults everywhere!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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