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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Isn't It Obvious?" - NLM

Pop-punk band NLM calls for listeners to live life to the fullest and live for something meaningful in their new song, "Isn't It Obvious?" The track encourages audiences to abandon materialistic and superficial mindsets, trading those lifestyles in for something deeper and more significant. We only get one life, so we might as well make the absolute most of it. Elaborating on the song's meaning, NLM states, "Sometimes, the most profound truths in life are easy to understand but difficult to follow through on. That's the meaning behind our new song, 'Isn't it Obvious?' Embedded in driving drums and soaring guitars are lyrics challenging the listener to abandon materialism and superficiality for the deeper truths in life. It's a call to reject half-living for something deeper and more meaningful."

Immersing listeners into an unapologetically pop-punk soundscape, "Isn't It Obvious?" gets the blood pumping with its energetic mood and anthemic hooks. The track features pounding drums and face-melting guitar riffs, propelling the song forward and keeping audiences enthralled from start to finish. It's clear that NLM draws inspiration from established, popular pop-punk acts, incorporating compelling vocal melodies that are reminiscent of artists like MGK and Yungblud. A truly gripping composition, "Isn't It Obvious?" is an incredible addition to the pop-punk world.

A pop-punk band on the rise, NLM is an international band based in Minneapolis and boasts members from across the globe. They draw inspiration from the golden era of pop-punk, infusing modern, contemporary elements into their sound to create a unique approach to the genre. Matching the intensity of their music, NLM's live shows are a spectacle to be seen, immersing audiences into a captivating multi-sensory performance. Some of their popular songs on Spotify include "Dying Inside (Without You)," "Medicated," "Hearsay," and "Ur the Air I Breathe."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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