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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "It's My Time" - The Lion & The River

"It's My Time" by The Lion & The River is an upbeat, EDM-influenced pop track that belongs on the playlist of any club. The electronic pop production and bright vocals could be compared to Dua Lipa, a track that could have belonged on Future Nostalgia or her self-titled. However, the track is also cited with Macklemore and One Republic sounds as inspiration. Today, we can find so many songs that are sad, romantic, or dive into other deep emotions -- songs that are meant to make us cry or reflect or yearn. Here, The Lion & The River has refreshingly made a track that just makes me want to dance.

The chorus is an anthemic refrain of lines like "It's my time / It's my time / It's my time" and "I'm alive / I'm alive / I'm alive." In the verses, they sing about talking to ghosts, skeletons in a closet, and going down a dark road. These images convey themes of loneliness, regret, and overcoming adversity. Backed by an upbeat production and clear vocals, the vulnerable lyricism is less hard-hitting, and more so a song that would compel any listener to dance around their room. The Lion & The River has created a track that is a perfect to blast from the car speakers, driving down the road on a summer night.

The Lion & The River is an electronic and pop music artist with just under 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. "It's My Time" comes as one of their first singles of 2023. They released their first single, "Keep Going," in 2022, which has already amassed over 17,000 streams on Spotify. If you are looking for music that makes you just want to dance around, songs that have beachy, summery sounds, The Lion & The River is an artist worth checking out. I am excited to see what they will release next. Don't forget to keep up with their music by clicking the social media links below and following their accounts.

Written By Sydney Gray



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