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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "It's Not My Fault" - Ellakate

From the opening plucks of violins on "It's Not My Fault," ellakate makes clear that this is no ordinary callout, but the result will be just as brutal. On her latest single, the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter fashions a deadly weapon out of utter bewilderment and glossy alt-pop. The song's most thrilling quality is her startling composure as she delivers killing blow after killing blow. Her staccato cadence threads between coiling strings, terse plucks, and gritty bass. The bridge, in well-measured contrast, allows ellakate's voice to soar over a snowballing of synths, guitars, and drums. When everything clicks into place for the juicy, last minute, it becomes clear that her composure was not out of a desire to mend this broken friendship—it was to ensure that every, eviscerating word is heard. She may be burning this bridge down (and it is a glorious blaze, I might add), but ellakate walks away from it with clean hands.

For as often as men have baffled me with their audacity, "It's Not My Fault" might be the first song to really express that exact emotion. For much of the track, ellakate is stern and cleverly impassive. "I made it very clear that I wasn't trying to stick around with you," she reminds with clear annoyance. "I thought you got the message—guess not." Her lyricism is concise and direct, but each line slides builds on each other with undeniable consideration. Ellakate delivers the titular phrase with such vivid irritation that no other words would feel as apt or effective in its place. I imagine her pressing the block button as she delivers it for one last time, nothing more to say.

Ellakate was born, raised, and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her love for music was nurtured from a young age with the support of musical parents. She began releasing music in 2022 with two excellent singles. "It's Not My Fault" is her first single of 2023, but she plans to continue releasing music throughout the year. In addition, she'll be performing live shows and providing updates on her website and instagram. Her alt-pop sound gently warps pop conventions with haunting and bold twists that maintain stunning beauty. In such a short amount of time, she's proven herself to be a alt-pop star on the rise.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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