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  • Adelae Norwood

Review: "It's Not Your Movie" - Abz Winter

Many people nowadays are convinced that they’re the “main character” in life, a sentiment and attitude that is often meant to be empowering but can quickly devolve into toxic self-centeredness when taken too far. In her newest single “It’s Not Your Movie,” Abz Winter bluntly confronts this behavior and expounds upon how it affects those around the propagator. “It’s Not Your Movie” is cathartic in the sense that it gives voice without abandon to the thoughts that–let’s face it–we’ve all had about someone and gives listeners license to call out borderline narcissistic behavior.

The song is remarkably well-composed, catching and keeping the listener’s attention from the beginning with striking rock chords, a punk-pop melody and Winter’s phenomenal vocals. Her lyricism is passionate and incisive, directly calling out someone with “main-character syndrome” in lines such as “It’s not your movie/I don’t care what you’re saying” and “You’re really here now just to fill the space,” showing that not only are they not the main character–they are an extra. She then takes the ego check to a point of no return, saying “You’re a plague to us/when will you leave” and “Your stress is too much and you’re no fun/We just wanna let you know you are done.” “It’s Not Your Movie” is the ultimate “check yourself” song, pulling no punches as it forcibly (and refreshingly) removes the rose-colored glasses from the antagonist’s eyes.

Abz Winter is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from the Midlands, focusing on rock, pop, and punk genres with a retro twist and bringing them to life with her uniquely rich and captivating voice. She was nominated as Undiscovered Talent UK 2021 Winner, has been airplayed on BBC Radio 2 and won Artist of The Month BBC CWR Introducing. Winter also has an incredible stage presence and has showcased this on stages such as ITV’s Walk The Line, Next Stage at Godiva 2021, and the Birmingham CG 2022 stage at Victoria Square Birmingham. Most recently she was nominated for ‘Best Pop Act 2022’ by the Birmingham Music Awards. She’s broken and reinvented boundaries within her genres through her distinctive sound and fun-loving nature, and is sure to continue to make waves in the music industry.

Written By Adelae Norwood



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