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  • Giselle Morales

Review: "It's Okay (Not To Be Okay)" - Only The Poets

Only The Poets It's Okay (Not To Be Okay) Cover Art

Only The Poets’ EP One More Night features a collection of raw, emotional, and encapsulating songs. But, the track “It’s Okay (Not To Be Okay)” was the song that tugged on my heartstrings the most. Written during a difficult time in lead singer Tommy Longhurst’s life, “It’s Okay (Not To Be Okay)” speaks to the overwhelming emotions that come with mental health and depression. It’s honest, vulnerable, heartfelt, and poetically freeing. Mental health, whether it’s anxiety or depression, can oftentimes make one feel as though there’s a crippling weight holding them down from ever seeing the light, but the lyrics in this song drive home the message that it really is okay not to be okay. The lyrics, “When we’re feeling lost / When the weight’s too much / Tell me how to gauge all your secret pain / Maybe it’s okay not to be okay / When we fall apart / It’s another scar,” really speak to how heavy these kinds of emotions can feel, but ultimately it is okay not to be okay.

A piano, subtle hints of guitar, some drums, and the ache of Tommy Longhurst’s voice are all that’s needed to make a winning combination in “It’s Okay (Not To Be Okay).” The powerful alt-pop track starts very ballad-like with a simple piano meshing seamlessly with Longhurst’s captivating gravel-filled voice. But halfway through the song, the tempo picks up a bit as the drums kick in, providing an edgy rock flare. Speaking on what inspired him to write the song, Longhurst shares, “Amongst a difficult period in my life mentally, I wrote this song longing to want to hear these words to help with how I was feeling and to remind myself that it’s okay to have bad days.”

Only The Poets are an English alt-pop band composed of lead singer Tommy Longhurst, guitarist Clem Cherry, bassist Andy “Roo” Burge, and drummer Marcus Yates. The band officially formed in 2017 and built traction as independent artists, playing pubs, student house parties, and smaller venues before officially signing with a label in 2023. After opening as the supporting act on the European leg of Louis Tomlinson’s world tour in 2021, Only The Poets gained significant popularity. Fresh off the heels of their highly anticipated One More Night EP release, Only The Poets are hitting the touring circuit this summer with a string of European tour dates. 2024 is already turning out to be a big year for Only The Poets and they’re only just getting started. With momentum on their side, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Written By Giselle Morales



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