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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “It Started With U” - Ava Della Pietra

Heartbreak is a difficult thing to go through. This is true for both romantic and platonic bonds. In the song “It Started With U”, musical artist Ava Della Pietra reflects on a lost relationship, the pain that follows, and how she was able to reflect and come out a stronger person because of it. According to Ava, she was inspired to write the song after being shut out by someone she considered a close friend. When asked about the meaning behind the song, Ava commented, “It’s about recognizing the huge impact this person had on my life, while also realizing that I have the power to take that negativity and turn it around, so I can come out of the experience stronger than ever.” Taking the lyrics into account, you can really start to tell when the healing process begins. She goes from singing how “It started with you”, to closing off by saying “Now it ends with you,” signifying that she would no longer let this heartbreak take hold of her life.

This song is simply beautiful to listen to. Ava, on more than one occasion, manages to seamlessly transition from her chest voice to her head voice. I would have to argue that the two strongest instrumentals are the drums and the piano. It really helped to create an easy-to-follow beat, where viewers could really focus their attention on the meaning behind the lyrics. However, the real kicker for this song is Ava’s voice. With her background in music and performance, it’s easy to tell that she has years of experience under her belt. You can so easily hear the pain and heartbreak in her voice. It’s obvious that the loss of this relationship hit her hard, and I truly do feel she was able to project that while simultaneously displaying how she grew as a person from the event.

As I mentioned before, Ava Della Pietra has been in the industry for a few years… since she was four years old, in fact! At the age of six, Ava starred as Young Cosette in the 25th Anniversary National touring production of Les Miserables. Ava soon after starred in a two-year run as a member of the original cast for School of Rock on Broadway. Eventually, she began writing and releasing her own music. Currently, Ava has written over 130 songs, 32 of which she wrote while quarantining with her family during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It Started With U” was produced by Will Hicks, who has worked with other artists such as Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé. In addition to working with Hicks, Ava is also collaborating with Jon Levine, Steven Martinez, and Adrian Gurvitz. Ava is nearly 18 years old, and given how much she has already accomplished in her career, it’s easy to assume she’s bound to soar higher. I for one can’t wait to see where she goes.

Written By Isabel Mays



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