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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "ITS ALL GOOD" - Neon Dreams

Kadillac and Morris recently dropped this fresh summer beat titled "ITS ALL GOOD." This piece gives off the best vibes and has a very cheerful air about it. Every single aspect of this song expresses the concept of going with the flow and letting things happen the way that they should. Kadillac sings about meeting someone new, becoming interested in them, and just going along for the ride to see what happens between the two of you. There isn't any pressure on the outcome of what happens between the two of them, as he's just enjoying their company and spending his time with them. Lines such as "take your time" and "be what you wanna be" communicate those feelings of not wanting to rush anything. This song sounds just like sunshine and immediately boosts listeners' moods.

This song wastes no time in working its way up to a powerful beat, as the melody and beat stay consistently cheerful throughout the entire song. The beat is dance-worthy and has that certain sound to it that makes the song super interesting to listen to. An aspect of the song that sticks out the most would have to be how well the melody and Kadillac's vocals work together. Both the melody and his vocals can be heard equally as well as the other and it doesn't sound like either of these factors steals the spotlight from the other. Another part of the song that sounded really cool was the group vocals during the chorus repeating the line "its all good." This addition to the song adds some diversity since it's bringing in some new and fresh voices to the sound. Morris and Kadillac perfectly executed the task of creating a bright, summery piece with this song and it made me very happy to listen to.

Neon Dreams spent their first few years pushing boundaries and experimenting with different musical styles, with which they achieved tremendous success. The duo’s debut album, Sweet Dreams till Sunbeams, finds Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris tweaking their sound to accommodate their newfound musical perspective. While their signature brand of energetic pop hasn’t dwindled, Kadillac’s lyrics have taken center stage across the LP’s eight songs. Featuring the singles “High School Dropout,” an uplifting EDM-pop anthem detailing Kadillac’s struggle through High School, and “About You,” a true song of the summer candidate, the album embarks on a journey to deliver a set that heals, empowers and motivates the listener. “I’m hoping that my personal stories can give our fans the happiness they deserve if they are missing it,” says Kadillac.

Written By Meina Darlas



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