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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "ITTY BITTY" - Henri Werner (feat. EHLE)

Dark and eerie music meets fist-pumping electronic beats with successful producer Henri Werner’s music. His newest single “Itty Bitty” features singer EHLE on the track to add an especially ghostly touch to the song; a vague warning about someone who does not have your best intentions. Gaining a lot of popularity with Gen Z and the gamer crowds, Henri Werner can most definitely be considered a producer on the rise. His own Spotify playlist titled “Future Music” has been gaining traction for a lot of dark vibes, melodies, and fresh voices that are comparable to EHLE’s feature on “Itty Bitty.” A fan of darker music myself, I was very excited to dive into this song!

The song begins with an eerie rhythmic chiming with EHLE’s voice cueing us into the beat. With the first verse, we hear EHLE’s voice on top of the pop EDM-esque instrumentals in the background. Henri’s talent for producing music really shines through, as this song emulates everything that is in the darker pop genre. All of the music surrounding EHLE’s vocals sticks to the tone set by the lyrics with absolute perfection. You can hear the spider metaphor not only in her words but through the web weaved by Henri’s composition of the song. The chorus features even more dark-esque tunes as EHLE warns the listener to always keep one eye open because this girl (the subject of the song) might just come for you when you aren’t looking.

Henri Werner is twenty-four years old and originally from Germany. He is a very talented composer and producer of electronic music and has seen a lot of success in his field. Already, he has surpassed seven million streams on Spotify and twenty million views on Youtube. The song that first blew up is titled “Imposter” and it was recognized on Youtube for its “haunting and eerie soundscapes.” Henri keeps this theme going in his latest song “Itty Bitty” as he continues to create dark music that pushes the bounds of the pop genre. We at Pop Passion are excited for Henri to release even more music and to watch his career continue to grow.

Written By Molly Schiff



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