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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "james dean" - tiger del flor

Inspired by Old Hollywood stardom and overindulgence, tiger del flor has released her latest single, "james dean." The retro-sounding track is influenced by films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Rebel Without a Cause, taking us on a journey through love and fame. Tastefully tackling the ups and downs of becoming famous, "james dean" explores the luxuries, excitement, and disillusionment associated with celebrity life. Expertly crafted, "james dean" was produced by Jeremy Schmett (Tai Verdes), mixed by Daniel Brooks (The Marias), and mastered by the late John Davis (Lana Del Rey). Preceding the release of her debut EP, "james dean" builds anticipation for tiger del flor's see me in hell and gives listeners a sensational look into what's to come.

Giving a sense of true timelessness, tiger del flor incorporates sounds of new and old in "james dean." The track is equal parts nostalgic and modern, blending indie pop with an essence derived from '70s disco stars like The Bee Gees. "james dean" features an intoxicating soundscape, intertwining groovy bass lines, shuffling beats, and ethereal synths. Showcasing her vocal prowess, the song highlights tiger del flor's sultry and spellbinding voice as she delivers silky, unforgettable melodies. Between the song's composition and the artist's performance, "james dean" creates a seductive sound that will captivate listeners from start to finish.

Hollywood-based, tiger del flor is an indie pop force to be reckoned with. Starting in Seattle, the artist began her music journey by fronting an all-girl grunge band with her sister and cousin. She has since launched her career as a solo artist, garnering millions of streams on Spotify and a loyal social media following. Her music has received global support from the likes of EARMILK, Spin Magazine, Ones to Watch, Hype Machine, and Get Some Magazine. tiger del flor has repeatedly received editorial support, being featured on Spotify's "Indie Pop" and "Fresh Finds" playlists, as well as Amazon Music's "Indie Dance." Certainly being an artist to watch, tiger del flor's unique approach and sound is perfect for fans of Lana Del Rey, TV Girl, and The Marías. Some of her popular releases include "living in the 90s," "super8," "lisbon," "best u ever had <3," and "like we're an indie movie."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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