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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Joan Of Arc" - Mia Mormino

This summer has been a sad girl summer. Society keeps pummeling women with unimaginable burdens, worries, and fears. We raise our dating standards because we want more than the bare minimum from the single men pursuing us. Have they met those standards? No. Instead, they’ve got their toxic ways in a death grip to ensure their spot in the manosphere while turning us into public enemy number 1. We beg our federal government to have women’s rights codified into law. It never happened. Instead, the federal right to a safe, legal abortion was terminated. I await in dread to see what else is in store for us. But thankfully, Mia Mormino's "Joan of Arc" has been a saving grace in providing me with the energy I need to keep moving forward; the single lets me know that I am not alone in my feelings of apprehension or my desire to fight.

"Joan of Arc" is a transformative Pop track that begins with a beautifully melancholic piano tune that evolves into an ambiance of someone preparing for war. While the melody's evolution is unfolding, a profound emotional response is elicited from listeners. On top of a rich sound, the lyricism has layers of symbolism begging to get dissected. The two symbols I want to discuss are the crown and Joan of Arc herself. Crowns typically symbolize nobility. Within the song, we hear the lyrics: "I lost my crown / On the ends of the earth". Nobility has gotten us nowhere within a society purposely designed to counter our every move. In retaliation, we will no longer abide by arbitrary boundaries set forth for us. Alternatively, we will be abiding by our own rules to reclaim our agency. Then Joan of Arc has become a polysemic symbol; to different groups in modernity, the saint represents differing ideals and notions. Within the context of this single, Joan of Arc symbolizes loyalty to one’s community and the need to keep up the good fight. Thus, making "Joan of Arc" a direct, vocalized reminder of the importance of community for women. For every burden we bear on our shoulders, there will always be someone within this community willing to alleviate some of that burden or attempt to help us “burn” it as we strive to reclaim the agency that was robbed from us.

The Los Angeles native, Mia Mormino, is a singer and songwriter with a niche for creating empowering Alternative-Pop music. By providing messages of social justice and being open to discussing contentious topics, the artist has an unmatched relatability with fans. Which in turn, makes Mormino all the more alluring as both an artist and a person. If you enjoy her presence as much as I do, there's an upcoming opportunity to see her perform live! On Thursday, September 15th, in Chicago, Mormino will be performing at Martyrs'. Tickets are $25 a person, and the show begins at 7:30 PM for 21+ crowds. But if you're in the 21 and under club, you can shamelessly stream Mormino's music.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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