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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Josephine" - TYA

"Josephine" is the newest single from amazing artist TYA. The track expresses the euphoria of gender fluidity, and is also an anthem for queer relationships. TYA uses amazing imagery and vivid lyrics to really capture the electric feelings she sings about. When listeners hear "Josephine" they are really able to fall into the story TYA paints, and are able to experience the emotions in which she sings about. TYA also draws listeners in with her ability to create a narrative, seen through refrencing such things as a 1959 film, "Some Like It Hot." With both the presence of a narrative arc, in combination with vivid and emotion packed lyrics, "Josephine" is the perfect song to express the euphoria of being in a new and exciting relationship.

The instrumentals of "Josephine" perfectly match the tone and feeling of euphoria in which TYA is trying to emulate. Its upbeat sound provides an energy that is electric and provides a catharsis for listeners. It's diverse elements also give the track such a nuanced and dynamic sound, just as are the feelings TYA sings about. The lyric "I think I'm in love with Josephine" perfectly sums up the purity, newness and excitement of the love in which the track focuses on. Just before the last recitation of the chorus, the song moves into a calmer sonic space, where TYA for the last time spills out all the words she feels toward Josephine.

If there is one thing that is undeniable, about musical artist TYA, is that music is in their blood. TYA has always had a passion for all things music and art, using it as a way to express their feelings throughout their life. Based in Vancouver, TYA works on writing and creating music that speaks to her own identity, and helps listeners find a safe space in their own identities as well. TYA is also no stranger to the life of a performer as her parents were both performers when she was a child. Being around this type of environment during her formative years, TYA was more than ready to tackle the challenge of being a performer in her adult life.

Written By Alison Holst


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