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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "just a friend." - Lánre

Lánre just a friend. Cover Art

just a friend. is the latest track of Lánre's 2024 EP, Up All Night, which is a "collection of stories and situations that have kept [him] up at night". This latest single delves into Lánre's "insecurities about dating" – more specifically, the burgeoning star's penchant for always settling with "just being friends with people, versus going for what [he] really want[s], a relationship". just a friend. is a rousing call to arms for his audience "to not give up on what you want in life" and to "just go for it". Lánre cites his own personal hesitation when it comes to the dating scene and the excuses he would make to avoid any possibility of rejection, as the motivating factors for crafting just a friend. Luckily, the young star in the making isn't "afraid of that anymore" and is finally ready to "find love and a partner".

The effervescent beat heard throughout just a friend. was cheffed up by producer, and close personal friend of Lánre, Mileage. The entire production of this track is thoroughly intoxicating for the listener, as it pairs well with Lánre's relatable lyrics and emotionally charged vocals, rendering the single both "big and intimate at the same time". This up-tempo pop single is extremely catchy and highly infectious, in the sense that it's near impossible for it to not get stuck in your head after listening/sharing it with others. just a friend. gives big Usher and peak Beyonce vibes with how clean and addictive it is from start to finish. All said, this is a marvelous tune from one of North America's more exciting talents who is quickly ascending the pop music hierarchy.

Lánre, real name Olánrewaju Keyede, is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia with a refreshingly enigmatic style and over a million streams worldwide. His music is heavily influenced by iconic popstars of the past – like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Chris Brown – with a sound that is best described as an amalgam of RnB, Pop, and electronic. Lánre began cooking up music in his hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey at the young age of ten; since then, he's seen his discography close in on almost two million streams, gone on multiple tours throughout the US and Europe, and received airplay on BBC Radio. Thus far in 2024, he's released five out of ten songs from his latest EP, Up All Night, with plans to drop the next five singles over the coming months.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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