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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Just Me" - Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn eloquently expresses authentic, honest emotions through poetic lyrics in her latest single. “Just Me” explores a new level of vulnerability as she recounts a broken relationship, including everything that led to its demise and the despondent feelings that linger. Throughout the song, Dawn illustrates the relationship as one sided: her being full of love and the other person being full of indifference. The song begins with the chorus that details this unreciprocated dynamic. Dawn sings, “It’s just me// Who’d jump at any chance to try// It’s just me// Replaying memories in my mind// It’s just me// Who doesn’t wanna let it go// It’s just me// Who hates the thought of you with her.” With these lines, she acknowledges that she was the only one that ever put in any effort, and now she is the only one that is pining over the lost love. The other person cheated and lied, and she knows she was never treated right. Yet, she still holds on. In the first verse, she utilizes a brilliant metaphor that brings this idea to life with the lyrics: “Know that I should quit you like a cigarette// Always leave me dragging.” She compares this person to smoking—she knows its bad for her, but she always comes back for more. Then, the song continues to paint this vivid picture of Dawn mourning her broken heart. She sings, “I’m curled up in the front seat of my car// Text typed out, not sure if I should send it.” The audience can imagine this gut-wrenching scene as if they are living the heartbreak themselves. Throughout each verse, Dawn describes every mistake made that led to the disastrous end—infidelity, miscommunication, and even honest vulnerability. Dawn divulges into the critical moment that she disclosed all her emotions and no longer “played the cool girl,” causing the former partner to leave. Despite this only further proving that this person was unhealthy and heartless, Dawn feels it is her fault the relationship ended. She spends the song questioning her own behaviors and feeling that she often cares too much. However, she ends the song with the lyrics: “Gotta get you out my veins// What a waste.” She comes to terms and realizes she is not the problem—they are. Having them in her life and on her mind is a waste of her time and effort. Wrapping the song up in this manner encourages listeners that resonate to cut off the toxicity in their own life and let go, just like Dawn. “Just Me” is ingeniously written, showcasing Dawn’s unmistakable talent of conveying true human emotions through artistic lyrics and an infectious melody.

“Just Me” is a moody track that effortlessly blends the sultry sounds of R&B and the carefree spirit of pop. The song begins with an elegant piano paired with unique high synth sound effects that set the melancholy tone for the track. In the background, Dawn’s angelic voice can be lightly heard humming. The production continues into the first chorus with the introduction of the synth beat. This provides the R&B element of the track as Dawn’s powerful vocals guide the listener through the song. Throughout the track, the production utilizes periodic synth waves and effects in the background, creating an ethereal ambience. Between the first verse and the following chorus, the beat decreases to a soft muffle, while the track focuses on the melody and Dawn’s voice. This enhances the whimsical atmosphere and perfectly complements the vocals. When the chorus returns, the track transitions back to the full production. The song maintains this steady instrumentation, drawing a deeper focus on Dawn singing the vulnerable lyrics. Her passionate vocals flawlessly harmonize with herself throughout the track, hitting every impressive high note and showing off her phenomenal range. “Just Me” is another outstanding addition to Dawn’s remarkable discography. Once again, she demonstrates that she is a force to be reckoned with: living proof that women can dominate the field as not only singers and songwriters, but also as extraordinary producers.

Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand, now based in San Diego, California. Her music does not stick to one style, but rather mixes the sounds of multiple genres to create her own unique sound. In 2018, she made her debut with her first single, “Feet". She released several singles leading up to the onset of the global pandemic. During quarantine, she took the time to hone in on her sound and capture her true essence within her music. That year she released 10 original singles every six weeks, defining her impeccable ability to keep audiences engaged with anticipation of her next masterpiece. Since then, Dawn has released several more incredible singles and she continues to release music that reels in hundreds of thousands of listeners. Her creativity shines through every single one of her releases and she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper


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