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  • Megan Cao

Review: "k-town" - Faerie

“k-town” is a dreamy dance track tinged with nostalgia and suppressed trauma. The thoughtful lyrics about suppressed memories and the overwhelming yearning for enlightenment add to Faerie’s distinction charm and personality pushing her sound to feel familiar yet still exciting. Faerie’s determination to dive into fantasy, beauty and chaos with stories that delve into hidden thoughts and feelings produces the conundrum of being both exaggerated yet also vulnerable.

The hypnotic soundscape of “k-town” showcases her clever pop sensibilities combined with a little bit of retro and disco. Faerie, who makes music as a way of healing, shows how her clever narratives and storytelling creates a relatable path of scene and emotion that allow her listeners to connect with it. With her indie-pop wonderland of dreamy synths, groovy bass, and story-filled lyrics, Faerie proves her carefully crafted charm is a whole aesthetic.

Faerie, or Christine Lam, is a fluttering indie-pop manifestation of daydreams and fantasies. Based in New York, Lam taught herself to play guitar, piano, and voice to express all those floating melodies in her mind. Inspired by artists like Harry Styles and AURORA, she’s determined to combine pop, jazz, and folk to bring her visions to life. Excited to submerge herself in the fantastical chaos of Faerie, “k-town” is only a taste of the creativity that’s bursting from her seams.

Written By Megan Cao



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