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  • Alyssa Gallardo

Review: "Kaleidoscope" - Randy Beth

"Kaleidoscope" brings out many feelings for many queer listeners of Randy Beth. Taking a fresh take on a date, this song reflects on romance and new experiences. The way this track has been produced and sung through is incredible and so pleasing to hear. The lyrics as well, really connect with the listener and carry you through this experience alongside Randy Beth.

Randy Beth’s vocals are a focal point on this track, really taking the lyrics and feeling them through- especially connecting with the listeners. This is a feel good song and the beat and vocals tie everything together. It’s warm and bright, and Randy Beth finds a way to channel all the emotions that come along with romance into one track. The chorus is smooth and utterly delightful, reminiscent of the feeling of being on a first date. It’s exciting and genuine, and bubbled up within the synths and drums is the rush of laughing together with a date and enjoying yourself on an adventure you didn’t expect to be on. This song is soulful and real and genuinely an amazing show of Randy Beth’s talent.

Randy Beth is a lesbian R&B artist that resides in New York. She’s been releasing music since 2021, her first release being “Make A Home”. She’s been working on her sound, and it shows through her music. There’s been incredible growth in Randy Beth and she can only get better and better. It’s exciting to listen to Randy Beth and know that she’s going to make it one day.

Written By Alyssa Gallardo



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