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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Kansas City Sunset" - Atomic Blonde

“Kansas City Sunset” almost feels too personal to listen to. The song has beautiful instrumentals that complement the low raspy vocalist. Atomic Blonde sings about falling into a depression and a person being the only solace. The singer is consumed by this person and compares them to the beauty of a “Kansas City Sunset”. Overall this track will captivate the listener as soon as they hear the vocalist's soft voice and the gentle piano.

The song begins with soft piano and is soon joined by the singer. In the first verse, she details her struggles with depression and feeling isolated. However, in the chorus, she describes being pulled out of a dark headspace and being uplifted by love. During the ending of each chorus, the vocalist is joined with harmonized vocals for the repeated lyrics, “burn for you”. These haunting vocals are mesmerizing and are a highlight of the track.

Annie Winter is Atomic Blonde. She is a talented singer-songwriter from Kansas City. The singer had always loved music which led her to join a choir. Although she was living a full life, she started to face medical struggles and found that music was an outlet for her. In high school, she found that while she was having difficulties finding her place in the world, that music was something that she wanted to pursue. Now the songwriter hopes that she can inspire and create an outlet for others with her music.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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