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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Karma" - Nette

Nette’s latest single, “Karma”, is a dark pop song about vengeance and justice. The track brings the concept to life as “a vengeful bitch who always wins in the end.” The fiery track reminds listeners that what goes around, comes around, and the people that did them wrong will get what is coming to them, eventually. The song begins with the hook found in the chorus: “Karma’s a bitch// Yeah, you get back what you give// Too bad for you, yeah she’s been watching every minute it// Karma’s a bitch.” The listener is immediately introduced to the message of the song, and the energy that it emits. It is the epitome of a perfect revenge song that will empower the audience to dust themselves off and move on, knowing that it is in Karma’s hands now. She will take care of the evil done, and all they have to do is sit back and wait. Every single line in the song is ingeniously written. Furthermore, the bridge contains lyrics that fully encompasses the entire message in just a few lines. Nette’s compelling vocals sing, “Everyone is just another pawn// You play ‘em how you want// You think the game is won// You don’t know the half of what you’ve done// Payback’s just begun// She’s coming better run// Karma’s a bitch.” Nette tells the audience that this person that did her wrong is known for using others and getting what they want. They do not believe that there will ever be consequences for their actions and are convinced that they are untouchable. However, she flips the script in the second half by introducing Karma. She informs this wicked person that they have no idea what is about to hit them, and that Karma will not rest until she avenges everyone they have ever harmed.

“Karma” contains a darker vibe than previous releases by Nette, further expanding her remarkable discography. The track immediately kicks off with Nette’s sultry vocals singing the chorus, captivating the audience instantly. Then, the synth bass and subtle vocals are added, setting the moody atmosphere. The first verse opens with a brief scream before the strong bass hits and Nette continues singing. Toward the middle of the verse, the listener can hear a creaking door opening, enhancing the gloomy theme. After this effect, additional synth sounds and echoing vocals are introduced. Then in the pre-chorus, the vocals are paired with high-pitched keyboard notes that intensify the anticipated return back into the full production of the chorus. When the second verse begins, the track utilizes the same scream as the transition, but the production is more simplified. This pulls a greater focus onto the haunting vocals echoing in the background, before returning to the original production found in the first verse. The second pre-chorus maintains the same high notes on the keyboard, but the production increases in complexity and harmonizing vocals are added. The chorus returns, before the bridge begins the passionate climax of the track. In the bridge, there is only a very light synth background, honing in on the captivating vocals and harmonies. Then, it ends with an arpeggio on the keyboard with the statement: “Karma’s a bitch,” before a synth bass solo with Nette repeating the statement. This fires up the listener before the bass-heavy final chorus. Throughout this chorus, the background vocals are heard singing the bridge lyrics, flowing effortlessly into the outro of the track. This unique addition blows away listeners and highlights Nette’s creative songwriting and production skills. “Karma” was the result of Nette experimenting with her sound, and it proves that she is set to dominate the industry with her unparalleled talent.

Nette is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer based in Vancouver. In October 2021, she released her debut single, “Feelings”. Two months later, she released a remix of the track with music producer, Junyang. In 2022, she released three more original singles. “Karma” marks her first single of 2023, and her fifth single over all. She is known for drawing in audiences with her creative storytelling and compelling vocals. Her music ranges between multiple vulnerable topics, such as self-doubt and self-discovery. Her insightful lyrics provide audiences a chance to resonate with meaningful messages. She has earned a massive fan base by sharing her musical journey on TikTok, garnering over 200,000 followers on the platform. Nette is a strong advocate for women in the music industry, drawing special focus on female producers. Her natural artistry contains the immense talent that the music industry craves.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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