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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Karma" - Souvenir

Souvenir drops chilling new track, “Karma,” in ode to the people who have made him feel worthless in his journey of finding himself. No matter what stage of life you’re in, there will be naysayers and doubters. People who take pleasure in the demise of another are a dime a dozen, and “Karma” is the ultimate rebuttal to the bystanders who have to tear others down to make themselves feel good. It’s hard enough to hold your head high and exude confidence in a society that celebrates misfortune, and it only gets harder when you realize even the people closest to you can cross their fingers and wish for the ship to sink. Souvenir faces the cynics head on with chilling lines like, “Karma’s not your friend, and neither am I.” Being a kind, loving, encouraging person seems simple enough, but good people can seem few and far between. The people who take advantage of others, wish harm on people trying their best, and people who cheat life can seem like they’re winning in the moment… but Karma is real. She always keeps receipts, and she comes back around twice as hard. Even on your worst days, if you treat others with empathy and compassion, you are winning. There’s a reason for that old saying about Karma… so be the best person you can be to others, wish them well, help as often as you can, understand when someone needs a helping hand, and Karma will take care of you tenfold, and in due time, the ones who don’t will have another thing coming.

Souvenir created an emotional track about what goes around coming around. He took the reins of his bitter sadness and contrasted that with a high octave vocal in the second chorus. His feelings are palpable through his lyrics. Souvenir and his co-writer, FLORIO, made an empowering record that walks the fine line between being hurt and liberated. The sense of freedom and turning your bitterness into power is captured in the big cathartic vocal chorus. Souvenir seamlessly blends classic 80s synth pop with modern melodies and influential lyrics, but with “Karma” he wanted to go even deeper and express himself through a new mentality of wounded but fighting every day to heal. “Karma” is an inspirational song that makes you want to get up, get loud, and let the universe get even.

Brooklyn-based pop artist, Souvenir, has been writing and singing songs since he could speak. Souvenir, also known as Michael Fenuccio, spent his youth taking voice and instrument lessons, and he was always doing musical theatre growing up. His constant hard-work and endless support from his family lends to his incredible talent and dedication to his craft. After joining a pop music songwriting program in college, Souvenir had finally honed in on his voice, and he began to set his path to success. Souvenir uses his music to express himself and let others know they are not alone; “Karma” pushes Souvenir’s emotive brand of queer synth pop into an exciting, new, confident territory, and he is only just beginning!

Written By Grace Chapman



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