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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Keep It To Myself" - Sadye

Sadye’s recent release “Keep It To Myself” is a secret relationship’s anthem. Filled with electric pops and dark synths throughout the background, this track emulates the heart-pounding sensation of being tied up with the one person who has to be kept secret. The feelings of thrill and sneaking around complied with the shame and ignorance in public is scattered throughout this track and throughout Sadye’s lyrics to give listeners a direct insight into her current situation. The song is addicting and impossible to not have on constant repeat, just like the relationship itself.

The title of this track is repeated in the chorus and throughout the theme of the song. ‘Keep it to myself’ refers to how Sadye knows that this relationship is not one for the public viewing, and that she has no doubt that she can keep it that way. Despite how much they enjoy their clandestine rendezvous, they are strictly confidential. Sadye goes as far as stating “I’ll pretend that I don’t know you / If and when I see you out”. A direct denial of the time and intimacy shared and an acknowledgment of this feat. The faced paced and upbeat soundscape complete the song, and make it truly a top hit.

Sadye is a Los Angeles based pop artist, and has amassed over 66,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Her first single “Biblical” was released in May of 2023, and is about the same relationship as “Keep It To Myself” follows. Her songs are dark-pop anthems, similar to those of Kim Petras and the Weeknd. Her songs deal with real life experiences and heartbreak, as well as her personal struggle with cancer and self-worth. She worked with Slush Puppy to help produce this song, and the two certainly created a masterpiece of a track. Make sure to follow her social medias below and stay tuned for more fantastic music from Sadye.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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