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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Keep Your Love" - Heartbreak Alumni

In "Keep Your Love" by Heartbreak Alumni, singer "Zay" Elizade hears rumors that his girlfriend is seeing someone else. As a result, he begins putting pieces together, like his partner receiving text "through the night" to confirm she's cheating. While he's upset with her deceitful behavior, Zay blames himself for putting all his energy towards her, knowing he has plenty of options. And while he hoped to give the relationship with his girlfriend a second chance, he couldn't help but feel changed by the reality of their situation. Therefore, "Keep Your Love" is Zay's way of calling it quits. Although making the decision isn't easy, he's confident she'll resonate with his pain in seeing him gone. And while building a new relationship with a different partner may take time, Zay doesn't mind ditching a love that's not good for him in search of one that's reciprocated.

"Keep Your Love" by Heartbreak Alumni is an average lengthed song, spanning two minutes and fifty-eight seconds. The intro is short and to the point, with an acoustic guitar and pad fading into the first verse. Once the first verse begins, the guitar work becomes more complex and gains the support of Zay's vocals and a few percussion elements. As the song continues, listeners discover bass and additional synth sounds that provide energy to the arrangement. Aside from the production and vocal talent of Zay and Eli, the mix and master is polished and aesthetically pleasing to the ear. The vocals are crisp, reverb tails are hard to miss, the instruments are well-balanced, and each section has a sonic purpose. Overall, there's no doubt from "Keep Your Love" that Heartbreak Alumni are focused on their craft, and their taste will continue leading them in the right direction musically.

Heartbreak Alumni is a musical duo based in California. The group includes singer "Zay" Elizade and producer Eli "The Kid" Valencia. Since 2020, Heartbreak Alumni has released seven singles through digital streaming services, with their most successful song being "No Looking Back (Remix)." On Spotify alone, the duo has amassed close to 16,600 monthly listeners, with consistent streaming numbers on most of their discography. In October of 2022, their most recent single, "Keep Your Love," was released on streaming platforms, followed by a remixed version later the same year. Despite not releasing music since the single, Heartbreak Alumni continues to produce content on their social media pages to keep their audience engaged. Hopefully, the choreography and beat-making presented in their Instagram videos are a reflection of live performances soon to come.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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