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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Kid Sydney" - Black Sands

Kid Sydney” by Black Sands dives into deeply personal themes that may resonate with many. It covers the singer’s internal struggles, revealing a desire to escape from his own thoughts, feelings and identity. Despite the presence of supportive and loving individuals around the singer (“I get so lonely even on the nights you hold me”), he still expresses loneliness and the inability to express this disconnect and their ongoing internal struggle with them. With heartbreaking and deep lyrics such as, “I feel like my heart doesn’t want me,” the song shows a raw and personal exploration of self-rejection. However, it also serves as a symbol or source of connection for his listeners that are experiencing these same feelings reminding them that they’re not alone. Overall, the track covers the struggles of re-discovering belonging, love and happiness within oneself.

Kid Sydney” has a calm vibe with its opening of a smooth electric guitar, and the singer’s raspy voice adds to this relaxed feeling. This track doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It’s extremely open and is being used as an outlet for the singer to express an internal battle he’s having with himself. The opening verse shares the singer's inner turmoil with, “I’ll be having thoughts about the weirdest things. Like what it would be like if I could change my name.” This moment indicates a dissatisfaction within himself and wanting to escape this feeling so badly that he considers getting “away from everything” and starting over by changing his name or identity. The song is heartbreaking, and sparks a desire in me to flip the singer's world back around and push nothing but love and happiness his way. Lines such as, “I wish that I could turn back to the better days. Cause right now I just want to get away from me,” and “My heart breaks every time that I see my face,” shows a longing for inner peace. I'm rooting for his emotional well-being, as well as for those who can relate, to grow stronger, and for the happiness they rediscover as they reconnect with themselves.

Black Sands is made up of Andrew Balfour, a singer, songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, California. For each and every record, he collaborates with international vocalists, while also blending various genres like indie pop, rock and alternative R&B. Andrew has gained over 28,000 monthly Spotify listeners, with the most streamed song being “Ice Castles,” a collaboration with Jordan Astra and Ruhde, which has over 400,000 streams. Black Sands has been featured in Rolling Stone, Wonderland and Atwood Magazine, as well as sync placements on MLB Network, NHL, UFC, Netflix, the London Olympics and more. Keep up with Black Sands by clicking on the social media links below, and check out “Kid Sydney,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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