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  • Cheyenne Johnson


Delivering their first single of 2024, RISK has released an absolute banger with "KIDZ THEZE DAYZ." Shedding light on the song's meaning, the duo share, "While the immediate gratification and short bursts of dopamine have become a daily reliance, what we’re left with once those temporary hits fizzle out is some sense of emptiness & longing; so some may turn to other ways to fill those gaps. We feel bad for those instances. Truly. This song looks to shed a light on that feeling of worry. For ourselves, those around us and the future generation. Not an individualized worry from behind a screen or closed door, but a collective voice and community of worry. Where we can & should have each other's backs. We should want better for ourselves and our friends if one of us gets lost in a dark place.  As just a couple of KIDZ ourselves, we’re also looking in the mirror as we acknowledge all these things. When we scream KIDZ THEZE DAYZ, it’s our intention to have our words yelled back AT us - because this song is indeed FOR us as well." 

Capturing nostalgia with a hint of modernity, RISK channels the sounds of '90s and '00s pop-punk legends in "KIDZ THEZE DAYZ." The track is upbeat and energetic, featuring electrifying guitar riffs and driving drums. "KIDZ THEZE DAYZ" is equal parts angsty and lighthearted, showcasing memorable melodies that are meant to be screamed along to. Feeling like being thrown into a time machine, Matt LeGrand's vocals and the sound he and Jeremiah de la Peña create in this song are reminiscent of something we might've heard from acts like Good Charlotte, blink-182, and Weezer. "KIDZ THEZE DAYZ" is certainly a song to remember, awakening the emo kid in all of us.

Hailing from Chicago, RISK is an up-and-coming pop-punk duo looking to push boundaries in the genre, consisting of members Matt LeGrand (vocals/guitar) and Jeremiah de la Peña (drums). The pair's name is an acronym, standing for "Recovering Introverted Scene Kidz." Giving nods to some of the greats before them, RISK fuses sounds from icons like blink-182, Sum 41, The Chainsmokers, and Katy Perry. Already making waves in the pop-punk world, RISK has recently landed a deal with major distributor Create Music Group. The duo is just getting started and is one for any pop-punk enthusiast to keep on their radar.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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