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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Kill You Slowly" - Nick Kandler

Sad summer vibes are here with Nick Kandler's new anthem, "Kill You Slowly." It's about the feeling of knowing you messed up in a relationship. The idea that maybe you're the reason you cannot be with this person that you desire. The different motives that can cause this rift, including self destructive behaviors, lies, and even your own personal demons. Kandler carefully crafts and describes this feeling vividly.

The track is full of guitars in the instrumentation, and the sounds of synths and drums are layered carefully underneath. Kandler's voice smoothly croons over the production, with unique flow and melody. The drums come in heavy as the chorus comes in, and you feel it in your chest how hard hitting this track is. The lyrics discuss the topic of how Kandler feels he let this person down, "You said don't lie to you // I'm a one way road and how little do you know, and I // I wish I could've been good to you." Kandler also lets us know into what might've been the motive for this, "My demons come // You let him in // Over throw your inhibitions." In the end, the two fall apart and Kandler is trying to soften the blow of the pain he's caused, "Paint you a picture of me // So I don't leave you lonely // Like a bullet in your heart I can't stop // So close it off // Or it'll kill you slowly."

Nick Kandler is a singer, songwriter, vocalist, producer, and sound designer based in Los Angeles, California. "Kill You Slowly" is his third single, and the second released in 2022. It comes shortly after "Stay" released back in February. Nick has been featured on songs with fellow artists Sembari and Blix. Kandler describes the feeling of his music as "euphoric." 2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for the artist.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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