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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Killer" - CARDAMONE

CARDAMONE releases new single, “Killer,” that paints a detailed picture of control and longing in an unsatisfying relationship. There is an enamoring thrill that comes along with yearning for something better when you’ve finally realized what you deserve. It’s not selfish to understand you have needs and desires that should be met by your partner. We fear looking like the bad guy in our story, but the real hero is the one who fights for themself to the bitter end. It’s incredibly healing and courageous to know your worth, act accordingly, and not settle for mediocrity. Being a killer in love is something to be proud of because it means you’re in tune with your heart and emotions. “Killer” mirrors the feelings of growing strong and finally being able to vocalize your wants and needs.

“Killer” is a prime example of CARDAMONE’s vocal talent and visionary storytelling as an artist. Her instrumentals are ethereal and her voice is chilling. The intensity patiently builds alongside the mounting orchestration. The lyrics beckon to title songs of Bond movies of the recent past. “Killer” seamlessly swings from fragile intimacy to boldfaced dominance leaving her listeners empowered. This song is a seemingly effortless display of artistic talent and expression. Dive deeper into the allure of CARDAMONE’S “Killer” through her sickening new video that defies all boundaries and expectations.

Australian pop singer/songwriter CARDAMONE is much more than meets the eye. Her mellow, moody vibes are drawn from her hometown of Melbourne. Known for her somber storytelling and sultry voice, she has a fresh perspective of the industry from her global career in performing arts. She moved to Los Angeles as a young dancer and landed gigs behind mega-stars like Justin Bieber and Flo Rida. She then further scratched her performing itch and dove into intensive vocal training where she honed her craft and once again proved hard work and passion can create astounding results. Her unique stories and experiences led to sonic masterpieces and notoriety in LA. CARDAMONE landed back in Australia to deepen her solo work, and she is crafting an EP of songs to show off her full range and growth as an artist!

Written By Grace Chapman



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