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Review: "Killjoy" - Callaghan Belle

"Cause you're a killjoy; you're a cowboy; run for the hills or anywhere else" is the wise words of the chorus on Callaghan Belle's new single "Killjoy." As the title states, a killjoy is someone who is a major buzzkill and causes tons of problems to others. Callaghan describes a relationship with this killjoy of a man whose intentions are not only bad but nightmare-inducing. She is just trying to be miss independent and get rid of the negative waves of energy that projects off this guy.

The cryptic mood of the song fits the killjoy theme perfectly since there are no sunshine and rainbows with having to deal with a mope. Callaghan has beautiful vocals with great range that brings some bright elements to the song which is not shown much in the instrumentation itself. The background vocals that Callaghan blends in to the main track is damn good and the pitched-down soundscapes used really complements the mellow delivery of the overall song. The electric piano has a somber reflection to it as well as the 1-2-3-4-etc rhythm that is going on with the kickdrum. Both of these elements are the cherry on top! Callaghan practices simplicity in a emotional and ear-catching way.

Callaghan Belle is a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles who has been active in the music scene for the last couple years dropping singles like "can't hang" and "Run Into You" in 2020 as well as the mini LP titled "Sovereign" in 2019. Callaghan also has a deep passion for acting and has made herself a name in the acting world as well with movies like "Twisted Sisters" in 2016 and "Extinction" in 2018 in which she had a hand in both the acting and soundtrack work. Don't be a killjoy! Go give her a shot!

Written By Miles Tutor



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