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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "King Size Bed" - Alec Benjamin

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin just released his second single of 2024 called “King Size Bed!” Alec dives into the vulnerability he feels after a break up, and the irresponsible decisions you can make because of it. The irresponsible decision that Alec makes in this case is buying a king size bed for a girlfriend he doesn’t have anymore. They used to squeeze together on a little mattress, and he would bear the pain of sleeping against the wall so that she could have a better night's sleep for her 9 am meeting. He swore he would save up the money to buy a bigger mattress for them, but once he finally got the money, she was gone. He “bought a king size bed when [he] lost [his] queen,” but he still believes she’ll come back. But in the meantime, he’ll continue to look and feel foolish in a king size bed. In the second verse, he directs his message to his ex, telling her “I owed you so much better/baby you deserved a crown.” Even worse, he’s punishing himself by sleeping on the cold floor because that’s what she did for him. In the bridge, it almost feels like he’s enticing her to come back because of this bed, not just because it’s better for them to sleep on, but because it shows that Alec is in a better place mentally and physically. He’s financially stable enough to support someone he loves, even if it's something seemingly unimportant like a king size bed. 

On “King Size Bed,” Alec stays true to his music roots by creating a great dance-pop track. Like many of his other songs, he combines a high energy and upbeat production with some pretty heartbreaking lyrics. The drums immediately stood out to me, as they are pretty prominent in the production and they drive the song forward. Alec uses an acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song which sounds fresh and organic, but balances it out with some synths and other electronic influences later on in the song. As with all the songs Alec has put out, “King Size Bed” has catchy lyrics and a well written melody. The bridge is especially catchy, mostly because of Alec's use of talk-singing. Sometimes using talk-singing can feel a bit cliche, but I feel it fits really well with the song.

Alec Benjamin is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter from Arizona. He first got his start in the music industry in 2018, promoting his music in parking lots of various concert venues. His first album, “Narrated for You,” was released that same year, featuring his 3x-Platinum hit “Let Me Down Slowly,” which currently has over 1.5 billion streams on Spotify alone. Off that same album, Alec has another certified Platinum and Gold track. Later that year, the song was released as a duet with Alessia Cara. Since then, Alec has still continued to impress audiences. He released his second album, “(Un)Commentary” in 2022, which features the hit song “Devil Doesn’t Bargain,” and made his debut performance at Coachella that same year. After releasing a plethora of singles in 2023, Alec is set to release his third album later this year. As of now, Alec has over 9 billion global streams, over 12.5 million followers across social media platforms, and over 1.6 billion YouTube views on his channel. It’s clear that Alec has forged a strong connection with his audiences, and will continue to make quality music for them for years to come. 

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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