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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Kiss Me Tender" - Asha

Being completely honest about what you want from your partner can be intimidating. In “Kiss Me Tender”, Asha is not shy about what she wants, describing wanting to get lost in her partner. The singer details how it has been a while since she has been with another person, so they should take it slow. Throughout the single, Asha is shockingly vulnerable and upfront when describing her wants and needs with her partner, which includes an intimacy that goes beyond physical closeness. Overall, this is a pop song that has a laidback melody, raw lyrics, and amazing vocals that will have you adding it to your playlist.

The track begins, with a deep bass and the artist singing, "I want you to kiss me tender', setting an intimate tone. The chill instrumental allows Asha's voice to shine. Throughout the single, she is singing with a breathy falsetto pitch that is gorgeous. A standout moment in the track is the bridge. In the bridge, the instrumental is faded, so that the repeated lyrics, "I want to be your muse" are emphasized and echoed. The echoed effect causes a dreamy and hazy quality to her voice that is enchanting. The bridge is abruptly ended by the final chorus, which adds to the feeling of being woken up from a romantic dream.

Asha is a Los Angeles-based artist. She released her first project in May 2018, a five-track pop EP titled, "Mercy". The EP is a solid collection of songs that have darker and alternative elements. Since her debut, she has released a slew of singles, an EP, and an album. As of 2023, Asha has released one track starting the year with a bang. The singer has also amassed over 45,000 views on YouTube, where she posts her covers and original music. The musician is inspired by artists like Lana Del Ray, Fiona Apple, and Fleetwood Mac. Asha channels these influences makes it her own through her vulnerability, playfulness, and passion.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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