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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Kissin' When We're Mad" - We Three

There's a frustration that lies in angry communication. When we get into fights, our emotions are high, our comebacks are fast, and our filters come down because all we want is to stop being in the situation we're in. We say things because our minds are irrational when we're mad, and sometimes we don't want to take the time to cool down before we finish the talk. Now, We Three comes with the song "Kissin' When We're Mad" which is exactly as it sounds, kissing to solve the frustration of arguing. It's an alt-pop production with a dynamic feeling, bringing us on the rollercoaster of our thoughts during a fight.

"Kissin' When We're Mad" is made by the frontman of We Three, Manny Humlie. The song is honest, it's personal, and it's enticing. The lyrics portray a particular vulnerability paired with this passionate melody to complement it wonderfully. It talks about how frustration can get the best of us, how our words seem to mean too little when they're said so often and to show this, Humlie sings, "Sorry's just a word I use it badly/Every time I say it's more empty". It's so hard to make other people understand exactly how we feel, and when we're trying to apologize, the easiest way to try is to say it-- but that doesn't always work. It matters what we do to fix the situation, so "Maybe I should kiss you when we're mad" seems to be Manny Humlie's way of ensuring they get what he's saying.

We Three is a sibling pop trio consisting of Manny (frontman), Bethany (bass), and Joshua (keys/drums). They're bold and honest with their songwriting and productions--and it's paid off. They're so close to breaking 200 million streams; because of this, we can see how the group is soaring. Their music is catchy, fiery, and the lyrics explore relatable and hefty life experiences, which give fans a reason to listen. Starting in October, We Three is going on a European tour sure to provide fans with energetic and unforgettable performances for all who come. This song, "Kissin' When We're Mad" is part of their new album titled "Happy" which is available to listen to on all platforms.

Written by Jane Katryn



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