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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Kissing Her, Missing You" - Ben Dolic

“Kissing Her, Missing You” is a heartfelt pop song about not getting over a breakup. Though you’re broken up, you still can’t help but remember the intimacy of your relationships, the inside jokes, the unspoken emotions and feelings. Dating a new person right after that means you have to learn about someone all over again, and while that can be fun, it doesn’t feel the same when you wish for someone to just know you and know what you’re thinking.

Dolic crafts his narrative about dating someone new, but still missing his ex. The nostalgia-filled lyrics and upbeat production combine into this bittersweet song about the toughness of moving on. The guitar and drum-laden production hide the hurt feelings in his voice, just as his new relationship hides his hurt feelings about his ex. Everyone has had rebounds, and it’s tough to get over a relationship while you’re trying to pretend that you’re fine.

Ben Dolic is a Slovenian singer-songwriter who’s not afraid to open up about topics like mental health, relationships that aren’t picture-perfect, and more. Creating what he describes as “good vibes you can cry to”, Dolic looks for beauty in the darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel. His first breakout single, “Violent Thing”, reached over 12 million streams worldwide, and he’s hungry for more. Dolic’s honesty and blunt narratives paint the picture as it is, an excellent rendition of the pain and complex emotions that most songs glamorize.

Written By Megan Cao



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