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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Know Me Yet" - Etham

“Know Me Yet” is an introspective contemporary pop anthem that explores the new and sudden feelings that accompany an emerging love story which has yet to be written. Fantasies and a bit of delusion can drive the beginnings of a new relationship. Before a relationship can even be called that, your feelings have made themselves known to you. Every new action and little moment is unknown yet comfortably familiar, like their hugs and when they speak your name softly. As the relationship begins to blossom, you contemplate whether or not you actually need the qualities and care you receive from them. However, time ever flows, and you realize that without this love, you feel directionless. It is only just beginning, but you can't imagine life without getting the chance to write this new love story.

“Know Me Yet” is an easy-listening anthemic pop single that is centered on its simple contemporary instrumentation as it is with the vocals. This single intertwines its instrumentation to truly complement Etham’s sweet vocals. As he pours out every line passionately each instrument and beat is delivered with an ambient tone. Everything blends together, yet makes sure to never become muddled or lost behind his vocal delivery. The leading vocals are less ambient than the melody and backing vocals, but this has an intended effect. The true focus here is the message as well as how we receive it. We want to focus on the lyrics and are allowed to do so through what occurs here.

Etham is a singer-songwriter based out of Reading in the United Kingdom. Etham made his debut by posting covers on his YouTube channel when he was 14 years old. Over time, with some success from his channel, he dropped his debut single. Since then, he has amassed quite a following through both his music and his social media presence. He released his first EP in 2016 which was met with relative success and praise. He has an impressive 200 million listener plays on Spotify alone, with his highest played single having over 76,000,000 plays. He has maintained an excellent social media following and has a decent following over time. Make sure to follow Etham on social media and give “Know Me Yet” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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