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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "L2LM2" - Mike Mroz

Mike Mroz L2LM2 Cover Art Photo
Artwork: @benulisfilm

Toxic relationships can be so draining; you begin to lose yourself and all sense of individuality. They just keep breaking you down until there's nothing left, making you feel like you're not worth anything - but you are. "L2LM2" by Mike Mroz stands for "Learn To Love Me Too" and is about stepping out of these toxic situations and finally putting yourself first. Co-written with songwriter Dwayne Alo, the lyrics are uplifting and are about recognizing all the things that you didn't deserve when putting everything you have into someone. Mixed with a catchy radio pop groove, "L2LM2" is an empowering Summer jam that will have you feeling good and dancing around like no one is watching.

"L2LM2" is a little bit bittersweet; it hurts that you had to go through something so painful, but you're finally free and on this new journey of self love. The positive energy and production on this song really helps amp you up and help you realize just how great you are and how much you deserve. One of my personal favorite parts are the mixture of guitar progressions throughout the song; it adds something really special to the overall groove and mood that I love. Mike has a really raw, easy-on-the-ears type of voice that makes "L2LM2" even more enjoyable. The echoing background vocals and the overall remarkable production create a soundscape that is unforgettable. This is a song to have on repeat all Summer long.

Mike Mroz is an artist, producer and engineer based in New York City. He started out producing for other artists, such as Hadji Gaviota, She Loves Boon, Gabi Diaz, Harry Taylor, Dania and others. In 2021, he began releasing music as a solo artist, starting with his debut single "Local Girl". Since then, Mike has released 9 more singles, including his most recent song we covered here, "L2LM2". If you loved this song, make sure to also check out his other two most recent songs released this year, "Voices" and "Rain Check"! "Voices" is about when you have those negative thoughts running through your head and you can't seem to shake them; it's mixed with a heavy popping beat and a catchy radio-worthy groove. "Rain Check" however, breaks things down a bit with a more gentle dance beat and is about looking back on a "right person, wrong time" type of relationship. Make sure to follow Mike below to keep up with his journey and to see what he does next!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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