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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "LA's Not Home" - Cole Redding

This song, “LA’s Not Home” by Cole Redding, highlights perfectly how it feels when you feel like you don’t belong. That isolating sense of being the one who’s left out, trying so hard to fit in but not reaching the mark. Written while hiding in a bathroom at his first LA party, Redding wrote this song as a metaphor for life, trying to tell people to stop worrying so much about what others think about you and to just live your life and be who you are. Everyone has been through something like this, whether it was back in school or somewhere in your life now, when you try to turn yourself into something you’re not so you can feel accepted by the world around you. People who try to change you don’t deserve you in the first place, but don’t forget that someone out there will love you for exactly who you are, and you should love yourself too!

“LA’s Not Home” is an alternative/pop rock track, meshing strumming guitar, an upbeat melody, and poignant lyrics to create a song you immediately want to put on repeat. The song starts with that strumming guitar, pulling you in with the soft rhythm and the lyrics that catch your attention with their simplicity and their depth, with lines such as “What if I’m not good enough” and “I was just another one.” The emotions draw you further into the song, and by the time the beat picks up, you’re hooked. The melody in the chorus picks up speed and intensity, keeping a bouncy backing for the more intense vocals and lyrics, with Redding emotionally belting out lines like “We all know that all of us are really just surviving.” The song repeats the pattern for the next verse and chorus, before dropping down to keep the tension in the bridge and exploding for one last chorus before wrapping it all up. Cole Redding perfectly balances the vocals and the melody to keep the pace running smooth and to create a song that compels you to sing along!

Cole Redding is an Indie and Pop Rock singer/songwriter, who’s ready to take the pop world by storm. He has a unique, upbeat sound with compelling melodies and lyrics that can be compared to other artists such as Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and Taylor Swift. Perfect for if you’re in a mood to chill or if you’re in a mood to dance, his music will make you want to relax and sing your heart out at the same time! He released his first single, “Dying 4 Love”, earlier this year on May 19th, and is continuing his journey into the music world with this newest single, “LA’s Not Home.” We can’t wait to see where he goes from here! Follow him with the links below to see what his music takes you next!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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