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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Labels" - Megzz

“Labels” is a soulful ballad about letting things exist as they are; sometimes, defining feelings only seems to cheapen the passion and emotion behind it. You don’t always need a label to define every stage in a relationship; the most important thing to know in a relationship is that you like them, and they like you. A relationship is all about being in the moment, and endlessly trying to put words to feelings takes away from the time you could be spending present with them.

Megzz’s soft and melancholic voice adds to the tastefulness of the track, imploring you to listen and think about the labels you’ve plastered on in your life; are these labels really needed? Do they add anything, do they change anything, are they hindering you? The minimalistic melody suddenly transfers into a pop-rock medley to close out the song, adding much more texture and depth to the structure of the track.

Megzz is an independent artist from the UK whose work centers around R&B, pop, and Neo-soul. A believer of music acting as therapy not only for herself but also for her audience, Megzz’s songs touch on topics that empower others, promote self-love, and speak out against mental health. Releasing a handful of singles through the last couple of years, Megzz’s next project is sure to be a climax of her quiet but strong support behind her music.

Written By Megan Cao



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