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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "lame" - earth2zoe

All great artists know that the best art comes in the spur of the moment– it hits like a truck, feels like a flame, and your hands work on their own. This was earth2zoe’s experience when crafting “lame,” a track that was written awfully quickly after she found out her (now ex) boyfriend was cheating on her while scrolling on social media. It’s unfortunate enough to be cheated on, but even more so when you discover it through Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform– there’s just something about that betrayal being so secret yet so public that makes it sting terribly. “lame” captures that vicious feeling and translates it into a catchy beat, channeling that gut-wrenching deception into a song that puts the cheater to shame.

“lame” is both chill electro-pop tunes and heartfelt lyrics; while the percussion and strings form the backbone of the instrumentals, earth2zoe’s vocals and songwriting really make the song what it is. It tells a deeply personal yet relatable story of a person who has realized they’ve been played by a partner and treated like a game. “lame” digs deep into the reality of what it’s like to date in the 21st century, where information is abundant and social media exists to serve you facts and figures and details without you asking for it. earth2zoe opens the song with, “I was scrolling ‘til my jaw dropped,” showing how even the most casual of actions– such as surfing social media– can result in a life-changing discovery. The rest of the song describes betrayal after betrayal (“Now I’m getting flashbacks/From the night you never called me back,” “No, it’s not that funny, it’s insane/That you thought you would get away with/Hiding hearts under tables”); earth2zoe has a talent for encapsulating heartbreak and heartache in a song you can still tap your foot to. “lame” is a fantastic breakup anthem: the beat is measured, the lyrics are flowy, and is all based on a true story.

earth2zoe, born Zoe Katzberg and formerly known as Zoelly, was born and raised in a suburb north of Toronto. An indie artist, her music is composed of melodic and soulful pop with a personal, edgy, authentic touch to every song she creates. As Zoelly, her hit track “Blowing Smoke” amassed over 1.6 million streams and the release of her other single “Video Games” caught the attention of Warner Music Canada. When she eventually rebranded to earth2zoe, her debut single “Hallie’s Song” reached #26 on the Hot AC chart. earth2zoe pulls on personal experiences to produce her music, whether that’s from friendships, relationships, and other themes that are prevalent in life; love, youth, and self-discovery. “lame,” in particular, provides guidance on what it means to love and lose, which is something that earth2zoe seeks to give through her music, growing unity and solace amongst her listeners. You’ll really feel that connection when listening to any of her music, but especially with “lame."

Written By Alexa Leung



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